Since this money tree arrived and placed in my stock items it truly manifested. My products continuously bees receiving orders.
Today I’m preparing 100 curated giveaways for delivery next week. Thank you so much for adding intentions to this crystals.


...sobrang legit & effective niya. I bought citrine and the moment I received it, I got hired for a job. Also, I noticed that I beccame more optimistic every day. Nagkaron ako ng motivation to do things, and I became so grateful for anything na natatanggap ko. Thank you!


The crystal is authentic. I can feel its flowing and radiating energy. I hope that my journey with this crystal goes towards my higher purpose. And the seller is very accommodating and responsive. Will order again to this shop. 


I was hesitant to buy this product because I was eyeing the 4mm cube cut (was out of stock at the time) But this turned out the best purchase! Not only does it give the strongest protection, it doubles as a destressor. Just stare at it and it's like looking up at the sky with a million twinkling stars. Thank you for recommending this, KC. Love it.



We ordered sapphire ring because it's my mom's birthstone and she really loved it. 🥰 Thanks Ms. Kc.


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