How to Choose Your Crystals

Hello! I’ve thought a lot about what I should write first. I figured a lot of people are curious and want to purchase their first crystal but do not know where to start. There are also some people who have a lot of crystals at home and do not know which one to wear/use. I think both of these concerns can be addressed by this post.

METHOD 1: The Simplest Method

  • Look at the crystals available and choose what attracts and repulses you most.
  • Buying a crystal because you like how it looks might seem shallow but there is also a logic behind it. Crystals emit energy waves that can be subconsciously perceived by our body, so even if you don’t hear it or see it, the crystals are “talking” to you subconsciously. This is why sometimes we are able to feel an unexplainable pull to a certain crystal.
  • Take note of the crystal that repels you most. Sometimes they represent things we do not want to face. This one is based on a personal experience. My first bracelet is a Carnelian. Back then, I really hated how it looked. After wearing it for a while, I got inspired to go back to crafting and that’s how Made by KCA started.
  • You can browse through the website (, and I can send you photos of the ones we have on hand if a crystal caught your eye.

METHOD 2: It’s all about intentions.

Ask. Ask. Ask.

  1. Pause and take a moment to ask yourself what you need. Do you need love, peace of mind, abundance?
  2. Then ask yourself again, if you want love what kind of love do you want to receive? Do I want to move on or perhaps I am ready for a new love? Be honest on how you feel. Self-authenticity is the key in finding the crystals that would work with you.
    • If peace of mind, what is the source of your worry? Work? Relationship?
    • If money, what is your source of income? What do we need to strengthen for you to earn more? Do you just need to be luckier or perhaps you need to be more creative in order to earn more?
  3. If you have asked yourself these questions, then it’s time to ask me which stone I can recommend for you. I will suggest a stone that will best fit your goals.

Warning: sometimes you would not like the color or the appearance of the stone that I will suggest and that’s ok. We can resort to method 1.

For the people who already have crystal collections at home and you don’t know which one to wear, you can use both methods. For me, there are days when I just look at my collection and wear the item that I am attracted to for that day. On days I have plans, I wear the crystals that I feel like will help me go through my schedule. Example, I will be designing new accessories, I will wear my Carnelian for that day. Carnelian is known to boost creativity and courage. Another example would be when, if I am going to hang out with friends or family, I wear my Rose Quartz because it helps me give and receive warmth and love. 

There are times when I wear a crystal everyday for months. Usually those are protective stones for the year or I am manifesting something that's not yet happening. I will expound on this in future blog posts.

METHOD 3: Chart Reading and a Crystal consultation with us
We do Chinese Astrology Chart reading + Video Call Session
(Coming soon is the Western Astrology Chart Reading)

We will need you birthday and birthtime.
Tap here to know more and to learn how to schedule.

Hopefully this short post somehow helped you in choosing a crystal for yourself. Always remember that we are light beings and so are crystals. We understand and communicate with them more than we know. Do not doubt yourself and listen to your intuition. ❤️


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