Behind Made by KCA

KC's life is devoted to the realms of healing and creation. As a light worker, Reiki Master, and crystal enthusiast, KC delves into various healing modalities and energy systems. The profound passion lies in harnessing the intrinsic power of crystals and energy work to promote holistic well-being and positivity. With a heartfelt mission, KC aims to bring joy, abundance, and love into the lives of individuals, one crystal at a time.

The journey into accessory making began as a childhood hobby. Struggling with a short attention span, her sister thought of introducing her into the world of crafting and accessory making. KC immediately fell in love and got engrossed into crafting accessories for her and for her loved ones. It was during these creative moments that young KC learned how to be still and be focused. As a child raised in a family where non-essentials were a luxury, self-made accessories became a way to express creativity. Today, KC is committed to making intriguing and affordable accessories accessible to all.

At Made by KCA, KC's primary mission is to share the remarkable healing properties of crystals and the transformative influence of energy work with a wider audience. KC firmly believes that everyone deserves to experience joy, abundance, and love in their lives. This dedication drives the creation of handcrafted accessories that not only elevate style but also contribute to overall well-being.

Throughout the journey, KC has had the privilege of guiding numerous individuals on their paths of healing and self-discovery. A diverse range of crystal-infused accessories is designed to infuse daily life with positive energy and intention. KC's work has received recognition by many individuals and the offerings continue to evolve to serve an ever-growing community of like-minded individuals.

What distinguishes KC is the profound intuitive connection with crystals and energy. A personalized approach is taken to handcraft each accessory, ensuring that the selection of crystals and the infusion of intention and Reiki energy align with the wearer's unique needs.

Beyond the world of crystals and energy healing, KC finds joy in spending time with her loved ones, especially with her soon to be husband, Richard. She also like to try new hobbies such as painting, potteries, and more. These pursuits not only rejuvenate the spirit but also offer fresh inspiration for creative endeavors.

KC cordially invites you to explore the enchanting world of Made by KCA and experience the beauty and healing energy encapsulated in these handcrafted accessories. Whether seeking a special piece for oneself or a thoughtful gift for a loved one, KC is dedicated to assisting on the journey to joy, abundance, and love—one crystal at a time.

Thank you for taking the time to read, and KC eagerly anticipates connecting with you, enriching your crystal journey.