Need Your Accessories Repaired or Redesigned?

If you love your crystal accessories but:
- it broke / it’s already broken
- it does not fit you
- you want to spice up your accessories
Bracelet Restring

If your bracelet broke or you noticed that some of the garters have already snapped:

  • Garter (50 or free if it is purchased from us)
  • Thread (50)
  • Lobster Lock and Cable Wire (100)

*Missing a bead? Don’t worry. If we have the same crystal bead, we can replace it for a minimum fee. The price will depend on the crystal.

Mala Necklace Rethreading
If your Mala Necklace needs a new string, the tassel was destroyed or maybe it’s missing a bead already:

  • 300 to 500

Wire Wrapping
Re-wrapping your pendants, rings, and earrings. Or if you want to have your own tumbled crystal, shell, or any memento wire wrapped so you can wear it as a pendant:

  • Aluminum wire: 50 to 150
  • 10k Gold Wire: 100 to 400

Revamping & Redesigning Your Jewelry
If you are no longer satisfied with your old jewelry and you want to spice it up:

  1. Send us a message of the photo of your old accessory and a photo of how you want it to look like (pegs/inspiration).
  2. We will reply if we can make it and send a quote of how much it will cost.

Cleansing, Programming, and Upkeep

  • If your crystal doesn’t feel like it used to anymore, or if you feel like it doesn't work even if you’ve cleansed it already, we can cleanse crystals for you and do the necessary repair and cleaning as well.
  • 500

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to repair my accessories?

  • 1 to 3 simple repairs can take a day or two.
  • More accessories and more complicated repairs might take up to seven days, depending on our workload.

I want to have my accessories repaired, how do I do it?

  • Send us a message here on Instagram or here on our website containing:
  • The photo of the accessory you want to be repaired
  • What kind of repair/s would you like
  • Adjustments you want and need