Everything About Bracelet Sizes

There are two (2) different sizes you need to know for your bracelet. One, is your preferred bead diameter/bead size. Two, your wrist size for customization (to make sure you can wear the bracelet without being too tight of too loose for you).

Example: I want a 10mm Rose Quartz and my wrist size is 5.5 inches without allowance. 

10mm pertains to the size of the bead, while 5.5 inches pertains to the circumference of my wrist.



Bead Diameter/Bead Size

“But I cant decide on the bead size... I might look to bulky on my hand...”

“I’m not sure how big it’ll look on my wrist”

"what's the perfect size for stacking?"

Hopefully, the photos below will give you an idea on how big it will look like on your wrist. The photo shows different bead diameters on a 5.5-inches wrist.

The next photo, you would see a label on top of each bracelet. The numbers pertain to the bead diameter/bead size.


The photo above shows our regular bead sizes, 6 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm. Usually, bead sizes are 2 mm apart but sometimes there are differences in polishing and manufacturing causing some to have 1 mm or 0.5 mm differences. 

Here are some photos sent by our clients when they wore our bracelets. I hope it gives you more clue as to how it will look on your wrist. The first photo (on the left) is 4mm Rhodochrosite, 6 mm Rose Quartz and Rhodonite. 2nd photo (on the middle) is all 6mm. 3rd photo (on the right) is 8mm



How to Measure Your Wrist Size

You can measure your wrist size via tape measurement or via strip of paper.

-Commonly Asked Questions Regarding Bead Sizes-

"what is the usual bead size for men/women?"

-Past experiences with our customers taught us that it really differs from person to person. Consider your comfort or the comfort of the person you are buying the bracelet for.

-Some women are comfortable with 10 mm. 6 mm are the favorite of women who like to stack their bracelets. Personally, I like 8mm as I feel like it's the "right" size but I also do not mind getting bigger sizes as it shows the unique pattern of the crystals.

-Younger men like 8 mm more and older men tend to lean towards more to 10 mm. I am not sure why. This is just based on observation I made when we sell in bazaars.

"Is it more effective if the stones are bigger?"

-There are many things to consider in choosing a stone/crystal and I think size should not be one of them. Comfort should come first as most crystals require skin contact.