Bead Diameter Size Guide

If you are quite unsure on what size to pick, this page will help you visualize the bead size.
This photo shows different diameter of beads on one hand. 

Below are our three regular sizes, 6mm, 8mm, and 10mm, side by side. You can see the difference in the diameter of the bead itself. We are commonly asked by our customers which size is more feminine or masculine. Past experiences with our customers taught us that it really differs from person to person. Consider your comfort or the comfort of the person you are buying the bracelet for. Some women are comfortable with the 10mm, others with 6mm as they like to stack the bracelet. 


I found many people asking if the stones are more effective if it's bigger? There are many things to consider in choosing a stone and I think size should not be one of them. Comfort should come first as most crystals require skin contact. 

These are some photos sent by our client when they wore our bracelets. I hope it give you more idea as to how it will look on your wrist. The first photo (on the left) is 6mm, while the 2nd photo (on the right) is 8mm.

6mm when worn