2024 Chinese New Year Bracelets

2024 Chinese New Year Bracelets

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Our Chinese New Year Bracelet has become a yearly tradition at Made by KCA. Annually, we invest time and effort into researching and examining the forecasts of diverse Chinese astrologers. This extensive research enables us to craft crystal recommendations tailored to each zodiac sign.
Each recommendation is thoughtfully selected to empower the wearer in facing the challenges of the upcoming year's uncharted path. It is designed to provide support and encouragement you need throughout 2024. 
We cleanse and send healing energies on every bracelet. Intending that all of them will assist the wearer for the highest good.
Crystals on the bracelet per Chinese Zodiac Sign:

Gold Sheen Obsidian – Onyx – Malachite
Intention of this bracelet: Start a new journey.
Not letting the past hold you back and letting the Universe/God/Creator lead the way knowing you will be guided for your highest good. It will assist you in concentrating, finding the best, and allowing you to follow the best path given to you.

Prehnite - Tiger’s Eye - Blue Lace Agate
Intention of this bracelet: Calms restlessness and worry. Soothing the mind knowing that you are capable in handling any situation that you are facing. It allows the wearer to identify the problem and be able to shift their mindset so that they can resolve the situation. 

Chrysoprase - Ocean Jasper - Light Amethyst
Intention of this bracelet: Calms restlessness and worry.
Soothing the mind and assuring you that you are capable handling any situation that comes your way. It allows the wearer to identify the problem, know the possible solutions and be able to shift their mindset resulting to right actions.

Green Aventurine - Lapis Lazuli - Howlite
Intention of this bracelet: Allows you to understand and see the truth.
These crystals can assist you in making wise decision as it allows you to have a deeper understanding of the situation. It can help you attract opportunities and be wise about it. Aligning you to higher wisdom and knowledge to know what ultimate good for you and others.

Moonstone - Smokey Quartz - Pink Tourmaline
To lessen the negative voices in your head that puts you down. It allows you to discard negativity that got into your system and allowing you to see the good side. These crystals will assist you in showing the world your best self, leaving the negativity behind and seeing the bigger and better picture.

Bloodstone - Lapis Lazuli - Yellow Calcite
Intention of this bracelet: being comfortable with silence and trusting yourself and your abilities. to allow yourself to trust in what you have achieved and to appreciate all your effort in getting this far. It protects you from negativity of others, cutting of negative cords of others, allowing you to flourish and be unbothered in achieving your dreams.

Yellow Aventurine – Malachite – Labradorite
Intention of this bracelet: Seizing the opportunity. 
allows you to recognize good opportunities and empowering you to grab it, and helping you in materializing it. It gives you discipline to sustain and finished what you have started. Making it a perfect bracelet in maximizing the blessing presented to you.

Rhodonite - Strawberry Quartz - Howlite
This bracelet is for: realizing that the Universe loves you and supports you. The crystals on this bracelet allows you to experience and attract warmth and love from others. It allows you to feel that unconditional love is everywhere and abundant. It can also assist in knowing the self more and allowing hidden talents to manifest.

Black Tourmaline – Aquamarine - Howlite
Intention of this bracelet: being kind yet authentic.
This bracelet will help you protect your peace, speak your truth while being kind. It can help you soothe your worries. It gives you divine guidance in the right words to say. And it reminds you set boundaries kindly and firmly, so that people will honor you and your truth.

Blue Apatite – Amethyst - Lepidolite
Intention of this bracelet: keep calm and trust yourself.
This bracelet allows you to be mentally strong against your self-doubt. It can also help you to let go of regrets. It allows you to be calm and be at peace with yourself. It nudges you to start to love and trust yourself and reminds you of how much the Universe loves you.

Amethyst - Lapis Lazuli - Moonstone
Intention of this bracelet: Peace, introspection, and wholeness
It allows you to review the things that happened in the past and being able to integrate all the learnings. It can assist you in making quiet and meaningful changes in your life, letting go of what no longer serves you allowing you to come home to yourself.

Red Jasper – Garnet - Rose Quartz
Intention of this bracelet: rekindling your passion and love for life.
This bracelet allows you to find things you like and fall in love again with life. It allows you to give and receive love effortlessly. It gives you energy to pursue the things you love making you feel capable of doing anything you wish to conquer.


Is this something that I can wear for a long time or do I have to change it every year?
➢The crystal suggestion for each zodiac changes every year. This is because the year sign and the element of it changes every year. I know some clients who refused to change their bracelet and they feel really good with the current one they have. So this is still up to you.

OMG! I like the design and color, can I wear it even if it’s not my Zodiac Sign?
➢Yes, you can wear it even if it is not your sign. These are only suggestions based on the challenges faced by your sign with the coming year sign. Most of the time, we are also attracted to the crystals we need. So go ahead and purchase the one that calls to you.