Trip Haul - April 2024

Trip Haul - April 2024

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I've decided to put my new haul in one listing for browsing convenience. 

Standard length is 7 inches.
----Most of the bracelets do not have a spare beads thus we might not be able to make it bigger using the same crystals but maybe we can add other beads if you need it bigger. Just send a message.

Limited in stock.
----Once it's sold out that is it. Not sure when the restock will be. 

Metaphysical Summary:
--Amazonite: Speaking your truth
--Amethyst: For calmness and peace
--Aquamarine: Divine Guidance
--Carnelian: Courage and creativity
--Fluorite: Removing attachments that no longer serve you
--Garnet: Passion, drive, financial security
--Herkimer: Amplifying energy, raising your awareness and vibration
--Kunzite: Alignment of heart and mind, good for changes encountered by women
--Kyanite: Removes energy blockages
--Labradorite: Foresight and intuition
--Morganite: Unconditional love
--Obsidian Silver sheen: Discover wisdom from past pain and shadow. Feminine energy.
--Peridot: Contentment and abundance
--Pietersite: Removes fear and protects the wearer
--Rhodochrosite: Soulmate and letting go of past pain and trauma
--Rose Quartz: Universal love.
--Strawberry Quartz Red: Discovering hidden talents and love
--Strawberry Quartz Green: For luck
--Tiger's eye: Safety during travel, self-discipline.
--Topaz: Purity and positive energy.
--Yellow Iceland Spar: Confidence and clarity