The Gratitude for Greatness Bundle

The Gratitude for Greatness Bundle

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Made By KCA x Inklings by Guada's Gratitude for Greatness Bundle

They say the more grateful you are, more of what you are grateful for will come back to you 3,000-fold!

Gratitude raises your vibration, and when you're living in that frequency, the signal for your wishes becomes louder, higher and stronger. If you partner it with a crystal, your manifesting power is also going to be all the more effective, dear soul.

Each package contains:

Made by KCA:

  • Watermelon Tourmaline Crystal Bottle (joy)
  • Green Aventurine Heart Keychain/Phone Charm (optimism)
  • Fluorite Tumbled Stone (harmony)
  • Citrine Crystal Bottle (self-belief)
  • Moss Agate Tumbled Stone (shifting perspective)
  • Amethyst Tumbled Stone (calm)
  • Clear Quartz Raw Crystal (amplifying crystal energies)

Inklings by Guada:  

  • 1 5x8 inch reiki-charged notepad to list what you are grateful for everyday.
  • 1 3x3 inch mini pad to note down insights and reflections about your list, which you can hang or stick it somewhere you can see each day! 

One way to use this bundle:

At the end of the day (or during a time that suits you best), list down all the small and big things that made you thankful - from waking up in the morning, less traffic than usual, and that kind neighbor, to accomplished tasks, your incoming jowa, or even a mistake that taught you what not to do next time - be grateful for them all and see how your life will shift with more blessings to jot down in your journey.

Everything in this bundle is here to bring you more greatness through the attitude of gratitude.

On sad days, you can also revisit what you've listed down to remind you how good life is and how blessed you really are. On superb days, use your high vibe to read your list out loud because it reaches the Universe faster.

The magic is in your hands, and with great gratitude comes great rewards. Cheers to the beautiful life story you're writing one day at a time!