Sugelite Crystal Bracelet

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  • Sugelite Bracelets strung together with durable garter.
  • Available in 8mm. Click here to know more about bead size and wrist size.
  • Our bracelets are 7 inches or 16 cm in length. If you need it smaller or bigger, send me a message.


Metaphysical properties:


Sugelite protects the wearer from negative influences in one's environment. It enhances the ability to ground spiritual energies. 

Carrying or wearing a piece of Sugelite sets up a "shield of light" around the wearer, making one impervious to the disharmony of others.

It invokes the violet flame light of purification. Removing gray spots on the auric field

*color may slightly vary due a few factors (screen color, natural color variety of the crystals)

*please allow +/- 0.5mm bead size error. Because they are natural stones, polishing them causes irregularity in the bead size. Sometimes the bead comes out small or bigger by 0.5mm.