Simple Ring -Sodalite

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  • Ring is made out of aluminum
  • Real crystal
  • Reiki Cleansed
  • click here to see how you can get your ring size
  • half sizes are available just send a message after ordering if you want a half size
  • if you are thinking twice whether to get a size bigger or a size smaller, I suggest you get a size smaller. Since the band is thin, it tends to feel a little loose that it actually is. 
  • average Filipino ring size is 4.5-6


Metaphysical Properties:

It united logic and intuition and opens spiritual perception, bringing information from the higher mind down to the physical level. An excellent stone for the mind as it eliminates metal confusion, encourages rational thought and intuitive perception.  It calms the minds allowing new information to be received.


Is Aluminum hypoallergenic?

-Since we have aluminum in the body, it is rare to have allergic reactions to aluminum

Does it tarnish?

-aluminum is naturally silver, so after a long time the gold plating will get removed and will turn silver. The silver wire doesn't change color anymore.