Madagascar Rose Quartz

Madagascar Rose Quartz

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Madagascar Rose Quartz Bracelets strung together with garter. Madagascar Rose quartz has a deeper color of pink than ordinary Rose Quartz. Rose Quartz tends to pale over time, so Madagascar Rose Quartz will be vibrant pink for a very long time

Available in 8mm and 10mm. Click here to know more about bead size


Metaphysical properties:

♦ Love in all situations ♦

It allow the wearer to love unconditionally. As a variety of quartz, rose quartz has high soothing energy. This strong energy can enhance love in any situation. Rose quartz can also enhance compassion, tenderness, and warmth. It evokes self-love and feeling of contentment and fulfillment in one’s self.


Reiki cleansed and charged before sending

Shoot us a message for adjustment of the bracelet size.