Howlite Tumbled Stones

Howlite Tumbled Stones

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Raw stones can be:

  • placed in the bag, pocket, cars, living room and workspace.
  • used for healing sessions and placed on top of the client's body. 
  • held while doing meditation and clearing of the mind.

Metaphysical Properties of Howlite:

Attunement Stone

Howlite opens and prepares the mind to receive energies and wisdom. These lovely stones can reduce anxiety, tension, and stress. It can be use to facilitate emotional expression and assist inn elimination of pain, stress, or anger. It can also decrease overly critical state of mind and anger originating from within.


*color may slightly vary due a few factors (screen color, natural color variety of the crystals)

*please allow +/- 0.5mm bead size error. Because they are natural stones, polishing them causes irregularity in the bead size. Sometimes the bead comes out small or bigger by 0.5mm.