Heart Crystal Bag Charms

Heart Crystal Bag Charms

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Available in 4 crystals:

  • Green Aventurine - attracting luck
  • Carnelian - attracting courage and creativity
  • Onyx - protecting and warding off negative energies
  • Rose Quartz - attracting unconditional love
  • Tiger's Eye - enhancing willpower, self-confidence and luck

Height: 2.5cm | Length: 2.5cm | Width: 0.7mm

Crystal can have white spots, black spot, and some imperfections. 

Crystal can break if fallen from a great height or hit by a strong force. Kindly be mindful as to where you will place it. It'll be good as a bag charm but maybe not a keychain as it can get scratched a lot but if you are ok with that then go ahead :D