Moonstone Crystal Bracelet - Gray

Moonstone Crystal Bracelet - Gray

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  • Gray Bracelets strung together with durable garter.
  • Choose from 2 bead diameter size, 8mm, 10mm. Click here to know more about bead size.
  • Our bracelets are 7 inches or 17 cm in length. If you need it smaller or bigger, send me a message.

Metaphysical properties:

Gray Moonstone is a stone of perceiving beyond the veil - useful to the clairvoyant and shamans, and in moving one into unseen realms. It is called the "New Moon Stone" and carries the mysteries and powers of the new moon, where all things exist as potential.

Blue sheen is associated with intuition and third eye while the white sheen is related to attunement and healing.


Reiki cleansed and charged before sending.