Diana Tube Bracelet - Strawberry Quartz

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*Stainless Steel Chain
*Wire and Gold Ball is 10k gold.
*Real Crystals
Bracelet Length is 6.5 inches with 1-inches extender.
Can be requested in longer or shorter chain to fit you just leave a comment on the checkout page.

Strawberry Quartz uses and Metaphysical Properties:

This crystal helps you to focus love to yourself. It helps you appreciate that sparkle inside you. Once you find it, it will help you go through any storm that would come. It lends you strength to ignore other’s opinion and helps you focus on the peace you found.


Cleansed before ship out and can be worn already.

*Beads used for Diana Tube Bracelets has some irregularities and can sometimes have some dents, cracks and natural imperfections such as line inclusions, white or black spots. 

*Color may slightly vary due a few factors:
- screen color
-natural color variety of the crystals (Can be more pale or more darker in shade. If the crystals have natural patterns, the patterns on the crystal will vary also)