Dew Necklace - Botswana Agate

Dew Necklace - Botswana Agate

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Is Botswana Agate a birthstone?
-No, but people like it because it can remove stress gently.

How long is the chain that comes with it? How big are the pendants?
- 3 necklace length to choose from: 45cm/18inches, 50cm/20inches, 60cm/24inches
- the pendant is 10mm

What is the metal part that holds the pendant?
-it is made out of aluminum. I use aluminum to hand wrap all the pendants.

Are you using real crystals?
-Yes. It is real semi-precious crystals.

Cleansed before shipped out.
+/- 0.5mm for the size of the crystal
Color might vary due to screen color and natural hue of each crystals.