Dew Necklace - Black Tourmaline

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Why is called Dew Necklace?
-The shape seems to look like perfect water droplets.

What are the metaphysical properties of Black Tourmaline?
-It is one of the most powerful crystals for protection and elimination of negative energy. It helps to put an energetic boundary between you and others, so that you don’t pick up unwanted energies. Wear this crystal for protection against whiners, or emotional vampires who burden you with their problems but do nothing to improve their situations

How long is the chain that comes with it? How big are the pendants?
- You can choose the length of the chain in the drop down list box. Choose pendant only if you do not need the chain.
- the pendant is 10 mm. 

What is the metal part that holds the pendant?
-it is made out of aluminum. I use aluminum to hand wrap all the pendants. 

Are you using real crystals?
-Yes. It is real semi-precious crystal

Is this cleansed before send out?

*Can have small cracks due to the natural strand and pattern of black tourmaline. Please purchase if you are ok with it. Thank you