Dalmatian Stone Crystal Bracelet

Dalmatian Stone Crystal Bracelet

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  • Dalmatian stone Bracelets strung together with durable garter.
  • Choose from 3 bead diameter size, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm. Click here to know more about bead size.
  • Our bracelets are 7 inches or 17 cm in length. For 10mm, the standard length is 7.5 inches to accommodate the width of the bead. If you need it smaller or bigger, send me a message.

Metaphysical Properties:


When life has become burdensome and all sense of joy seems to be lost, wearing a Dalmatian Stone can reawaken a sense of fun and humor. It has a fortifying, restorative and emotionally harmonizing effect, counteracting cynicism and skepticism. Its Tourmaline inclusions quickly dissipate negative energy moving you forward in life.