Crystal Reiki Tree

Crystal Reiki Tree

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ONLY PAID TREES WILL BE MADE. Only paid on or before the date you selected will be included in the batch.
Ex: April 27 to be ship on May 4, payment should be made on or before April 27. Failure to pay on time will result to your slot being forfeited.

BLIND DATE A CRYSTAL TREE: If you dont know what to get, tell me ONE (1) intention. Then I will decide and make it for you. 1 intention per tree. (ex: money, OR love, OR communication). Leave a note on the check out page. You will see a box on the check out page for notes and other instructions.

YOU CAN CHOOSE THE CRYSTAL. If you know the crystal you want for your tree, please leave a note on the check out page as well. 1 crystal of the leaves, 1 crystal for the base. If you don't know the name of the crystal, you can type the color of the crystal instead. Swipe through the photos here to see the crystals available.

Payment on Delivery or COD is not supported. Please pay for the crystal tree on or before the date you have selected. You can opt for COD for the rest of your order.

Trees are 2.5 inches to 3.5 inches in height. Please see the photos where I am holding the crystal trees to get an idea on the size of the Crystal Trees.

REIKI CHARGED AND CLEANSED. Reiki is a Japanese healing modality where we send white light to a person or an object. It means your trees are energized and cleansed when it arrives to you.

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