Crystal Bracelet Making Workshop -  Private Class

Crystal Bracelet Making Workshop - Private Class

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"Research says that when we are doing things with our hands, crafting, cooking, or journaling there are happy hormones that are triggered in our brain. Our hand movements make us happy."

Create your own unique bracelet using crystals, beads, and metal spacers. Let your creativity flow and design a bracelet that shows off your style. With lots of different crystals to choose from you can make a bracelet that is all about you!

No rules, just have a great time making something special. Come enjoy crafting and leave with an awesome bracelet that is as unique as you are!

Our workshop is perfect for people who:

  • are looking for something new, fun, and productive thing to do.
  • are looking for a quality bonding activity you can spend with your loved one. 
  • get excited in seeing cute and unique beads and crafting materials.
  • want to make their own unique bracelet.

Output option:

  • Option 1 - One (1) bracelet using thread and knots. (Option 1 is more challenging. You can learn new way of creating adjustable knot for a bracelet)
  • Option 2 - Two (2) bracelets using garter. (Option 2 is more laid back, you can focus more in designing your bracelets and learn how to tie and hide the knot at the end)

*** See 3rd and 4th photos
***Output option should be decided prior to the chosen date of the workshop.


  • Duration: Approximately 2-3 hours. 
  • Materials: All crafting materials, including a variety of crystals, wire, and tools, will be provided.
  • Skill Level: Beginners are welcome and no prior crafting skills needed. Best for ages 7 and up.
  • Class fee:
    -P7,200 for 4 people
    -additional P1500 per additional person.

  • Venue:
    My workshop (Cubao, QC. Maximum of 8 pax.)

  • Scheduling: select your dates here.
  • Facilitator: The class will be facilitated by me, KC. Message me if you are interested in inviting us for a bracelet making workshop!