Moon and Star Crystals

Moon and Star Crystals

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Sold per pair - 1 moon and 1 star

Green Aventurine -Stone of luck and opportunities
It brings luck, prosperity, and career success. It allows the wearer to welcome opportunities they have been waiting for. It also helps one to see alternatives and potentials in all situations, positive outlook, and courage.

Blue Aventurine -blue aventurine is useful in encouraging one to assume ones power by taking full responsibility for ones life. it is helpful in revealing victim patterns and empowering one to accept responsibility for one's experience.
it teachers us how our action affect our experiences, and it helps us perceive which actions, thoughts, or emotional patterns underlie our creations,
personal power. encouraging vision and inspire ideas. 

Onyx - It protects the wearer from negative and draining people. It will also shield you from people with ill intentions. Removing negativity in your space invites positivity. Onyx can help you to release emotional baggage allowing you to move forward in life. Onyx is said to hold the memories of the wearer.

Red Jasper - Wear Red Jasper to alleviate stress and reconnect with Earth’s grounding energies. Its cleansing effect eliminates negativity, returning it to its source, and stabilizing the aura.
It guards against physical threats and assists in situations of danger. Keep in the car to prevent accidents, theft/road rage. Place at home/office to absorb electromagnetic/radiation.