Free-form Aquamarine Necklace

Free-form Aquamarine Necklace

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What does "free-form" mean?

-Free-form pendants are also know as crazy cut or irregular cut pendants. Each pendant is unique with its own quirks and curves. For aquamarine, it usually comes in sphere or oblong shape. The color and shade of the stone per pendant may also vary due to its natural tendencies.


What are the metaphysical properties of Aquamarine?

-It brings inner peace, hope, and self-love. It provides barrier for the aura and is said to bring angels for the wearer’s guidance and protection. Aquamarine can be also used to dispel anger and fear. It’s reputed to assist clear communication with the Divine.


Is Aquamarine a birthstone?

-Aquamarine is the birthstone of March.


How long is the chain that comes with it? How big are the pendants?

- it is 45 cm or 17.5 inches. The chain is stainless steel and would not tarnish on normal conditions. 

- the pendant is around 0.5 inches. Around 10 to 12 mm. 

What is the metal part that holds the pendant?

-it is made out of aluminum. I use aluminum to hand wrap all the pendants. 


Are you using real crystals?

-Yes. It is real semi-precious crystals.