Why Do I Work With Crystals and Reiki?

Crystals and Reiki came to me separately when I needed it the most. 

I was 24 or 25 years old, unemployed and nothing figured, desperate to have a sense of stability. Not only was I relying on my family for everything I needed, but I also accumulated debt from a failed business venture.

It wasn’t hilarious, not at that moment, but it was a little ridiculous that at the moment of my breaking point I decided to seek employment, but to do so would require me to spend money for commutes to interviews and business attire.

And so, to gather job hunting money, I started selling my trinket collections and other crafts I could make like necklaces, ribbons, and hair clips. I used crystals as a medium to make the necklaces, and got a bit of traction for the products. Back then, crystals were just ordinary rocks and shiny accessories for me. However, the more I read about them, the more I got curious.

I stumbled upon Reiki soon after I started Made by KCA because my boyfriend wanted to get a healing session, so I went along with him. Coming into the session, I had no preconceptions about Reiki nor did I have expectations about how much it was going to influence me. But it did, right after that session I had reached a tipping point, and it brought spirituality in my life and work. 

Once I said yes to learning Reiki, changes and circumstances started to flood in.

Reiki has brought people and circumstances that allowed me to see life as is and not as how I want the world to be. It led me to leave my heaviest baggage behind and learn how to live and love. If you ask me if I did all of  that just by sitting down, holding a crystal, and imagining a white light, the answer is no. 

I faced many challenges, hurdles, and shed many tears but all the changes were possible because of crystals and Reiki. It helped me face all these bravely and wholeheartedly. 

Even as I write this, I feel like I am being asked to change and let go as I feel like I am sharing a very private part of my life. But I know for the people who have the patience to read this would need this.

Most important learnings I picked up along my crystals and Reiki journey are:

  1. Do not be afraid to say what you TRULY need. The Universe is listening.
  2. ALL delays are beneficial.
  3. “You are the child of the universe no less than the tree and stars. YOU. HAVE. THE RIGHT. TO BE. HERE.”
  4. Be kind to others but be especially kind to yourself.
  5. Why you are angry at a certain person says a lot more about yourself.
  6. Accept love. Accept compliments and not just criticism. You will learn that life is a more beautiful place.

Crystals are like the most dependable friend who would nudge me, take me to the right places, and allow me to grow for the highest good. 

While Reiki is a glue that allows me to stick the pieces of my life together—existing pieces I had all along—allowing me to create a bigger and more beautiful picture without falling apart. Allowing me to inspire people along the way.

Will crystals and Reiki bring you the same experience? Maybe. 

One thing is for sure, I sincerely hope from the bottom of my heart, that you find the peace and love that I found. Life is far from perfect, but knowing that the Universe has our back, everything will be alright. 


If you are called to get a Reiki Healing Session with me or a Crystal Consultation, you can book here: https://calendly.com/kcaganda

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