Why and How to Cleanse Your Crystals

2 Reasons Why Cleansing Crystals is Important

  • Removing negative energies attached to it.
  • Form of caring for your crystal companion
    • Once you are able to choose your crystal, it becomes a friend and a companion, which accompanies you through your good times and bad times. Imagine a friend that can hear all your bad thoughts, curses and inconveniences. At some point, they’d have to detach and destress to take care of themselves - this is what cleansing your crystal means, allowing them to breathe and restore themselves.
    • People who have used crystals before would notice that the crystals’ shade changes as time goes by. This is a sign that the crystal is starting to bond with you. Sometimes the color darkens or it is not as lustrous as before and cleansing them would restore a bit of its color back.


How to Cleanse Your Crystals

These days, using a tibetan bowl or singing bowl has been a popular way of cleansing crystals, but these are not the only way to do it. Some methods might require special items, but others can be done simply with the help of mother nature. It is based on your preferences and bond with the crystal. It is how you pamper them or how you show your care for them 

  • Running water (streams, lake, rain, tap water/water from faucet)
    • Let it sit in running water for 15 mins.
    • NOTE: Do not use this cleansing method for Selenite, Calcite. They will melt with prolonged exposure to water.
  • Salt water
    • Make a mixture of 1 tbsp of salt and water. The volume of the water will depend on how big your crystal is. 
    • Completely submerge your crystal in the solution for a few hours
    • Take it out after a few hours, pat it dry
    • NOTE: Personally, I do not recommend this method for accessories as saltwater can weaken the garter or corrode the metal parts. 
    • Also there are a lot of stones that cannot be submerged in salt water like Selenite, Rhodochrosite, Lepidolite, and Malachite
    • Saltwater is friendly for hard crystals like Quartz
  • Natural light - Sunlight and moonlight
    • Bathe it under the morning sun, around 6 am to 10 am. 
    • Please do not leave them out around noon time as they can damage your crystals. 
    • Put it under the moonlight overnight.
    • Get it before the sunrise
    • It is best to do this during the full moon. 
    • NOTE: In both cases, it is more effective if they are touching the ground/soil. Just be careful that nobody would step on it!
  • Breath and visualization
    • Close your eyes and breathe deeply, feel your stomach expand as you inhale, contract as you exhale. Do this for maybe 4-5 times
    • Open your eyes, hover your hands around the crystal and visualize a white light coming down to it.
    • NOTE: Please do not choose this method if you are not in a good place (mentally or emotionally) or cannot focus. 



  • Brown rice, Rose petals
    • Bury it under the brown rice or rose petals for 24-48 hours.
    • Note that you will have to throw the rice and the rose petals after doing this. 
  • Sage, Palo Santo, Incense
    • Light up the sage, Palo Santo or incense. 
    • Let the crystal be engulfed in the smoke for 3 minutes 
  • Singing bowl, tuning fork
    • Like breath and visualization, center yourself by breathing
    • Play the singing bowl or tuning fork until you feel like you have cleansed the crystal. 
  • Himalayan Salt, Quartz generators, Selenite Stick
    • Place it beside or on top of a Himalayan salt lamp, Quartz generator, Selenite Stick/Slab overnight



Question and Answer

  • Is it okay to leave it on the dashboard of my car to cleanse it?
    • The answer is no. Heat is amplified in your car but not necessarily rays of the sun. Too much heat can damage the crystal.
  • Can I use 2 or more methods when cleansing the crystals?
    • Yes, I personally use running water and sunlight. Use whatever feels natural for you.
  • Do I have to cleanse it every time somebody touches my crystal?
    • Personally, only if you feel that the person who touched it does not mean well. If you feel like it is okay and the person who touched it can be trusted, then you do not have to. It would not be reprogrammed just because someone else has touched it unless there is really ill intention. Crystals work because they are touching your skin or they are within your sphere. The "luck" from the crystals wouldn't be grabbed by someone else.
  • My bracelet broke and they said it’s due to negative energy, can I still cleanse it and use it?
    • For most of the crystals, yes. For Onyx and Tiger’s eye, I suggest that you don't reuse them anymore as they absorb negative energy. Maintain them very well, watch if the strings are about to break and cleanse them from time to time. If you purchase your bracelet with me, I can restring it for free. Just send me a message. 


Cleansing your crystals requires care and attention. It is not something you have to do everyday but when you do it, do so wholeheartedly. Intend to remove the negativity it has accumulated from being a good companion to you. <3

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