Truth About Third Eye


We always think of the Third Eye as some sort of taboo. Because of how the Third Eye is usually portrayed in horror movies, what usually comes to your mind about the Third Eye is that it is an ability or gift to see ghosts and or spirits. 

But there is so much to the Third Eye than meets the eye. (Pun intended) 


Roots of Third Eye

Yes, the third eye has always been thought of as something of mystical origins. Though, biologically it is known as the pineal gland, a pea-sized gland shaped in the brain near the hypothalamus and pituitary gland. Spiritually speaking, the Third Eye is the part of us that has been believed and considered as our connection to the spiritual and the mystical. 


What Does the Third Eye Do?

Contrary to popular belief, each and every one of us actually has a Third Eye. Your Third Eye is your “inner eye”. It is our spiritual eye. It goes beyond what our physical eyes do, helping us connect to a higher state of understanding of our own world which widens our spiritual journey and understanding of our world. It allows us to understand the universe around us. 

In a lot of cultures and spiritual beliefs, the Third Eye is an important factor for your spiritual journey. In Ayurvedic philosophy, the Third Eye is your sixth chakra also known as the Ajna chakra and it is connected to your concentration, intuition, and spiritual clarity. When your Third Eye remains blocked or muddled, you tend to feel hesitation, pessimism, confusion, and self-doubt.  On the other hand, if the third eye remains vibrant and taken care of, enlightenment, focus, and inner peace may enter your body. 


The Third Eye in Your Spiritual Journey

“Opening” your Third Eye does not always mean that you will be able to see spirits or ghosts. Sure, in some cases you do, but usually you can only see them if you only wish it to do so. Rather, the Third Eye is also connected to other spiritual practices such as aura viewing, astral projection, and lucid dreaming. Not only that but an “opened” Third Eye helps strengthen your imagination and enhance your creativity. With an opened and strong Third Eye, your intuition will definitely be enhanced. On a more pragmatic note, a healthy Third Eye can help in good decision making, whether for work or for business.

"Open" / Aligned Third Eye "Closed" / Misaligned Third Eye
Can easily focus or concentrate May have a hard time focusing
Hears messages and guidance from the Universe Can be too critical and judgemental of other people
Pragmatic/Practical Close minded or cannot seem to understand/empathize with other people
Easily absorbs knowledge and information Does not want to learn or understand the circumstances
Can decide on their own after taking account all the necessary information May seem to lack common sense, gullible, or be controlled by false information
Can see or sense aura voluntarily Cannot see what is beyond the physical realm


Contrary to the popular belief, that your Third Eye is “closed”, your Third Eye was always open in a certain degree to begin with. The guidance of your Third Eye manifests in a more subtle way for most of us. While some of us can see spirits, or even auras because of their strong connection with their Third Eye, to a lot of us, it guides us through our intuition, and even our creativity.

The more fitting term is not really “opening” your Third Eye but rather “attuning” to your Third Eye. You have to connect with your Third Eye in order to enhance your spiritual abilities. This takes process, preparation, and practice. Meditation helps in reconnecting with your spiritual self and build a connection with your Third Eye. When you begin to work your Third Eye, usually you will receive guidance messages, or even vision. Be brave to follow your intuition and these messages. Trust that we are always Divinely guided. It is a guarantee that your Third Eye will be stronger and your spiritual journey will be clearer.


Crystals to enhance the Third Eye:


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