5 Budget Friendly Gift Ideas Under P250

It’s the season of the holidays and gift-giving once again. Shopping for Christmas gifts isn’t easy especially when you have a tight budget to work with. Worry not, here are some great crystal gift recos that won’t break your bank: 

Freeform Necklaces and Rings (PHP 128.00 - PHP 228.00)

The Freeform Necklaces and Rings give you a variety of crystals to choose from. Carefully wrapped in an aluminum silver or gold wire of your choice, no stone is exactly the same shape and size with this collection. If you want an affordable and one of a kind gift to someone that will surprise them, this is the perfect choice. 


Diana Tube Bracelet (PHP 250.00)

A simple but stylish bracelet made from stainless steel chain, and small gold balls that accentuate the tube crystal of your choice. The length of the bracelet is usually 6.5 inches but it can be shorter or longer depending on your request. There are 13 Crystals to choose from some are the best selling Rose Quartz, Carnelian, and many more. Now Available in Green Aventurine and Strawberry Quartz too!

Dew Necklaces (PHP 128.00 - PHP 250.00)

Simple, cute and dainty pendant. Perfect for a classy and effortless look! Hand-wrapped using silver or gold aluminum, the Dew Necklaces are an affordable but fashionable gift choice. From Amethyst to Unakite, you have a LOT of crystal options to choose from. 

Ara Charms (PHP 150.00 - PHP 250.00)

These cuties are real crystals that can fit your Pandora Bracelet. It can add more story and give a whole new meaning to your charm bracelet. If your friend owns a Pandora bracelet, or they just love collecting charms and accessories, the Ara charm is a perfect budget-friendly gift choice. 

Customized One Bead Threaded Bracelet (PHP 170.00 - PHP 220.00)

Lastly, if you want to give an easily customizable gift that matches your friend’s taste and personality without going over your budget, the Customized One Bead Threaded Bracelet is the right choice! You have 12 thread colors and 50 crystals to choose from. You can design and gift your friend the perfect bracelet fit just for them. 

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