Answering the Ultimate Question: Are Crystals Demonic?

Answering the Ultimate Question: Are Crystals Demonic? 

To answer this question we have to define what ‘demonic’ means:

First, that it simply means a certain object comes from a demon. And second, that it pertains to an evil that influences us to do the wrong things.

If we look at both definitions in the context of crystals, there’s much to unpack there. But allow me to elaborate in a way that is easy to understand by people who might not have any spiritual practice.

On the Origin of Crystals

The first definition relates to the origin of crystals. Is it demon-given or is it something else?

Obviously, it’s very much something else. For people who might not know, crystals are extracted from the earth — these come from nature. You might have already seen a few photos of archeological digs that feature old civilizations making use of some of these crystals either as objects of prayer or as simple as a household item. It’s because it was much easier to mine then and very much commonly seen and sold.

It’s for this reason why crystals aren’t demonic. These are products of the earth’s chemistry, seen in most spiritual circles as gifts of nature itself. And nature is undeniably a gift of God/Universe/Source (or how you conceive the higher Being to be). Without nature, there will be nothing to support and sustain us. 


On Personal Intentions and Taking Action

The second definition relates to influence, and how crystals are thought to manipulate people or events. 

This asks us to look deeper in ourselves and truly examine our intentions and decision-making. In using the crystals that you have now, do you mean to harm or to help other people? When asking for God/Universe/Source for abundance, do we just sit idly and wait for it to fall on our laps or do we search for ways in order to achieve it?

Crystals cannot manipulate the results of your actions and decisions — this is important to note. While you’re holding yours now envisioning a future of abundance, the next step is to take action towards it. Whatever that yields is a product of the steps you’ve taken and the crystals are only there to support your steps and decisions. A grasp of this holds the key in understanding the path we are taking and what can and cannot influence us. 

Below is a simple example of the importance of intention and how that is what determines evil and not the object itself.

Situation: God gave humanity a spoon and a fork. 

Intention 1: Use it with an intention to make your eating experience more hygienic and convenient.

Intention 2: Use it to stab your enemies with an intention of teaching them a lesson.

My question for you is that if you've used it for stabbing your enemy, would you consider the spoon and fork evil? Or if you’ve seen someone else using it to stab their enemy, would you stop using it and vow to never use it again because? 

Prior to our intentions and actions, the spoon and fork are neutral objects and are neither good nor evil. The same goes with crystals. They are neither good nor bad as they only help us with what we want to achieve. Our intention gives a crystal direction as to how it will be used. 

So before you grab your crystal I would like to ask you what reasons do you have for striving to attain what you want. What is your motivation for acquiring love, obtaining wealth, or realizing peace?

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