5 Crystals to help you heal your broken heart (aside from Rose Quartz!)

Valentine's Day is approaching and we felt like you might need crystal suggestions to help you heal a broken heart (for a friend of course!). Here are 5 crystals to help you, aside from Rose Quartz, because Rose Quartz is already given.

1. Rhodonite


First on our list is Rhodonite. Rhodonite connects you to yourself and to your inner worth. It reminds you that you are complete and you are love itself. 


2. Rhodochrosite


This stone can beautifully guide one in the quest for emotional happiness, help one move forward after a period of doubt, and express love toward others without fear of rejection.

It also allows you to attract soulmate or people who would help and accompany you in the journey of life.


3. Pink Opal

Pink Opal

Pink Opal vibrates at a gentle frequency. It helps in calming emotions. Pink opal clears and calms the heart bringing sense of love, peace, and tranquility to the wearer. 


4. Malachite


Malachite is a crystal for wanted change and transformation. It'll help you move forward after a heart break by allowing you to resolve and let go of past pain. Allowing you to move forward without emotional baggage.


5. Kunzite


It is a crystal that aligns the mind and the heart. So when your mind says no, but your heart says yes, this is the crystal for you. It allows you to find the balance and help you to get the right answers for the situation you are currently facing. 

As the song goes, "shame on you if you fool me once, and shame on me if you fool me twice".


A reminder for you:

message from us

Whatever you are going through right now, I'd like you to remember that you are beautiful, wonderful, and complete. Nothing is ever a coincidence. The fact you are here reading this means this is a message for you!

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