5 Crystals for Getting Through Tough Times

2021 is another challenging year. Problems can be tough for us to handle which makes us feel stressed and anxious. This affects not only our emotions but our spiritual self. To help you clear your mind and heal, we recommend 5 crystals that can guide you through hard times.


This brownish grey variant of quartz is known for cleansing negative and or unwanted energy. It enhances one’s emotional stability. When you are feeling stressed or anxious, the Smoky Quartz is helpful for your meditation, stabilize your emotions, and cleanse your energies. The Smoky Quartz purifies your energies and grounds you to guide you to a higher state of being and help you pave a better path forward.


Amethyst is an all-around healing stone. One of the most popular stones associated with spirituality and healing, it helps control your negative thoughts and promotes your intellect and creativity. It is one of the most supportive stones that helps calm your overworked, overstressed, and overwhelmed mind. Amethyst aids in clearing your mind and enables you to recognize your own negative behaviors. This stone eases your mental anxieties and stress that help induce relaxation guiding you in your meditation and spiritual practice. Whenever you are feeling anxious or under pressure, an amethyst can help you calm down and center yourself once more.



The crystal of connection, Kyanite is good for bridging gaps in communication and connections. It is an exceptional crystal for your meditation and for cleansing blockage from your emotional pain. It helps in aligning your chakras which brings a calming effect and tranquility. When you are feeling anxious, terrified, or even self-destructive, Kyanite is one of the best crystals in assisting you to deep emotional healing.


The Hematite is the stone for grounding. If you are feeling distressed, and emotionally unstable, it can be a sign that you are in need of grounding and stability. The Hematite is the perfect stone that can help anchor yourself to the earth and activate your root chakra. It can help you calm your troubled mind and feel at ease as it absorbs toxic emotions and helps release negative emotions like stress, tension, or worry.



Aquamarine is often associated with communication and the throat chakra. This stone helps in promoting your logical and intellectual reasoning. Aquamarine helps you to overcome fear to speak out, enabling you to communicate clearly without anger. It is a powerful stone, cleansing you from emotional abuse and useful in guiding you through transformation. Aquamarine aids in balancing your excessive anger, and fear. It is the stone fit to assist you in cleansing and releasing emotional baggage.

While crystals eases your troubled mind and helps with feelings of doubt and hesitation, it does not replace medical and psychological care. Crystals can only guide you in your spiritual journey and meditation. Enhance inner strength, courage, and perseverance with these five crystals that can bring about healing in these times of crisis and uncertainty.

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