Tumbled Stones Flower-Pops Bouquet ADD-ON

Tumbled Stones Flower-Pops Bouquet ADD-ON

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Level up your Tumbled Stones packaging and make someone's day extra specialincluding yours!

  • Add-On Packaging for Tumbled Stones purchased from our site. Perfect on their own or added as accessories to natural flowers bouquet. 
  • Order any 3 Tumbled Stones (with a maximum weight of 15 grams for each stone).
  • Add this Item to your Cart, and we will use this packaging for your order. 
  • Comes in Red or Pink Wraps and Ribbons. 
  • ONLY for Orders with Lalamove/Grab Shipping Method.

Need Tumbled Stone Suggestions?

  1. Aventurine
  2. African Bloodstone
  3. Dragon Bloodstone
  4. Fluorite
  5. Kambaba Jasper
  6. Labradorite
  7. Lapis Lazuli
  8. Onyx
  9. Pyrite
  10. Red Jasper
  11. Rose Quartz
  12. Yellow Calcite