Pendant Series - Moss Agate Round

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Is this stainless steel?

-Sadly this one is not stainless steel. The chain that comes with it is stainless steel but the pendant is not. You have to put colorless nail polish to prevent it from tarnishing.

Is it real Moss Agate?

-Yes! It's real Moss Agate.

How long is the chain that comes with it?

-the default chain is 60cm, stainless steel. You can message me if you want a shorter chain ( | instagram: madebykca)

How big is the pendant?

-this one is around 1.5 inches in diameter.

Metaphysical Properties of Moss Agate?

It attracts wealth in all forms. It also helps to increase wealth overtime. This stone is good for small business owners or self-employed as it helps in drawing in new business ideas and expansion of business. It is also helpful for people who are pursuing agriculture business