Pendant Series - Rhodonite Coin

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Is this stainless steel?

-Sadly this one is not stainless steel. The chain that comes with it is stainless steel but the pendant is not. You have to put colorless nail polish to prevent it from tarnishing.

Is it real Rhodonite ?

-Yes! It's real Rhodonite.

How long is the chain that comes with it?

-the default chain is 60cm, stainless steel. You can message me if you want a shorter chain ( | instagram: madebykca)

How big is the pendant?

-this is around 1.5 inches in diameter

Metaphysical Properties of Rhodonite ?

It is great for connecting you to your inner worth. Working with this stone removes the clouding you may view yourself with to reveal your true value. Once charged with this accelerated self-esteem, you will begin to uncover hidden gifts and talents and move boldly in sharing them with the world.

It helps you to free yourself of the thought and feelings that keep you stuck in a state of non-growth