CNY 2020 Necklace -Year of the Dog

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These are the 2020 lucky crystal for people born under the Dog sign. This is based on the elements needed to strike a balance for next year may it be for personal growth, career, and success. 

Composed of Smoky Quartz, Clear Quartz and Amethyst. 

Amethyst clear the mind and allow judgement and decision making beyond the current situation. Smoky Quartz is for grounding and setting boundaries so no negative energy can enter your sphere without your permission. Clear quart on the other hand eliminates negative energy around the wearer. The challenge for people born under the Dog sign in year 2020 are mostly uncontrollable circumstance and must not let negativity bring them down in order to get hold of a successful year.

Some of the crystals are free-form. Size, shape, shade might vary due to the crystal being natural. 

Necklaces are non-tarnish/ 316L stainless steel.