Citrine Tube - Orelia Collection

Citrine Tube - Orelia Collection

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  • strung together with cable wire
  • gold embellishments and lock are 14/20 gold, also known as 10k gold. It has enough gold content to not tarnish
  • Our bracelets are 7 inches or 17 cm in length. If you need it smaller or bigger, send me a message
  • The dangling bead also serves as an extender
  • 100% real crystal
  • crystal size for this one: height: 10mm-12mm, width: 6mm-8mm

Metaphysical properties:


Citrine is a joyful stone that brightens all aspects of life. Its energy brings good fortune and happiness. Citrine also assists in strengthening personal will and in turn enables the wearer to turn their dreams into reality.

It is also said that it helps one to prosper in business pursuits.