2020 CNY - Pig

2020 CNY - Pig

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These are then 2020 lucky crystal for people born under the Pig/Boar sign. This is based on the elements needed to strike a balance for next year may it be for personal growth, career, and success. 

Composed of Tiger's eye, Citrine, Garnet
All in 8mm bead diameter. Not familiar with bead diameteres? Click here!

Tiger's eye is for discpline and to see beyond illusion and facade. Citrine is for happiness and contentment. Garnet is for passion and attracting good things.
People born under the Boar sign is lucky with love this year.

Spacers are made out of 10k Gold Filled. It's not plated, but gold filled so no need to worry about tarnishing.

These are stretchable bracelet. Beads are threaded with durable garter.

Our standard bracelet size is 7 inches/17 cm. If you need any adjustments kindly place your order first and send us an email of your wrist size.