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Shard Crystal Necklace

Shard Crystal Necklace

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No 2 pendants are exactly the same. Each pendant is unique in it's own way

Shard Pendants are very irregular in shape. Can be 1 inches to 2 inches long.

It can have dents, bumps, cracks, and other imperfections. If you do not like imperfect crystals, please do not purchase Shard Crystal Necklace

How long is the chain that comes with it? How big are the pendants?
- it is 45 cm or 17.5 inches. The chain is #stainless steel and would not tarnish on normal conditions.
- the pendant is around 1 inches or longer.

What is the metal part that holds the #pendant?
-it is made out of aluminum. I use aluminum to hand wrap all the pendants.

Are you using real crystals?
-Yes. It is real crystals