2022 Year of the Water Tiger Crystal Bracelets

The main premise of 2022 is that most people are seeking for opportunities. If we examine this statement, it can go both ways:

  1. There are more people to collaborate with since there are more people looking for opportunities in businesses and projects. Generally, it is a good year to work with the right people.
  2. There are people who would want to take advantage of other people in order to "maximize" the opportunity presented to them. This is why we should also be careful with the people we choose to work with this year. 

In order to maximize this and not be sidetracked, taken advantaged, or be mislead in any way, we must identify:

  • What is the most important thing to us. Establish the hard limits. What are the things you can forego and what are the thing you cannot forego.
  • Our intention and goal in pursuing something. 
  • The people whom we can trust. Take time to listen to your intuition of a person can be trusted or not. Do not rush things. Beware of red flags and do not ignore them. 
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