2021 Chinese New Year Accessories

Handpicked and carefully crafted crystal combination bracelet that will help you throughout 2021!

Chinese New Year bracelets are finally here!

These bracelets are designed to help you go through 2021 with ease. My sister and I chose these crystals for each sign hoping it will help your overall well-being. We placed well-being first before money, good career, etc. because we believe that when your overall well-being is good, then all good things will follow

We design these bracelets hoping to make the protective stones affordable and fashionable. 

Commonly Asked Questions!
Can I buy a bracelet even if it's not my sign?
-YES! But it might not be as effective as the one recommended for your sign though.

I don't like my crystals mixed in one bracelet. Can I buy it individually?
-Yes you can order them individually. Just click the bracelet tab to see our bracelets.

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